This year's workshop is in the able hands of the Spanish flamenco guitarist Oscar Herrero and will
take place at Royal Academy of Music (Ny Sal/"New Hall") on Friday 11 August from 2-4 pm.

The programme will look something like this:

Basic flamenco technique

1. Characteristic flamenco techniques: Alza-Púa, rasgueados, picado, trémolo.

2. Flamenco harmony: Tonalities, cadences, scales, chords

3. Basic flamenco rythms: Solea, siguiriya, tangos & fandangos.

Eveybody can participate - from intermediate to semi-professionals - classical guitarists or
flamenco players - or musicians/amateurs from other genres. Thus, anybody interested in
learning about basic flamenco technique welcome. Active participants (as opposed to listeners)
are asked to bring a guitar (not western nor electric) with nylon or gut strings.

The course will be adapted to the texture of the group (experience, level, special needs/wishes),
but in any case a number of typical flamenco rythms and techniques will be covered.
Listeners are also warmly welcome.

Oscar Herrero is a highly experienced teacher as well as he is very thorough, patient
amnd amiable. Players possessing at a high level can be catered for too if circumstances

The workshop will be held in Spanish and simultaneously interpreted into Danish and/or English
according to the needs of the class.

Participation fee for active students: 249 DKK
Listeners have free admission.

Prior sign up by way of the contact form is compulsory for
both active students and listeners.